New Spring Classes for Boaters

There are several one evening class that will be taught by instructor John Walker of the Arrowhead Power and Sail Squadron The location of the classes is at the Izaak Walton Building, 2710 Dexter Drive, Fairmount Park, Riverside. The time is from 7 – 9 pm. Cost is $10.00 each class for materials. For reservations contact John Walker at 909-792-2654.

4-20-17 Emergencies on board and what your crew needs to know

Whether you are in a small boat on a lake or cruising offshore taking a long passage, there are many things that both skippers and passengers must know. You need tools and spare parts to get a disabled boat back into operation. What is really necessary to have in a first aid kit. The crew must be able to assist if the skipper needs help by knowing some basics.

5-18-17 What to look for when buying a used sailboat or powerboat

Buying a boat is a combination of desires, emotions and dreams. What may or may not be important when making a selection is not always apparent. Planning activities with family and friends i important. Choosing financing and ongoing costs are also of concern. Identify features in priority of importance: how will it be used, is it sound and whether it is suited to your needs.

6-15-17 Understanding “rules of the road” and using your marine radio

Waterways are highways with their own special rules. The rules aren’t complicated but as skipper, you are responsible. Learn the meaning of buoys both shape and color. Some point to the safe direction to travel and others warn of danger. Boats have navigation lights which identifies the size, type, direction of the boat and who has the right of way.

Modern marine radios have automatic safety alarms which will transmit your name and location should you have an emergency. Your passengers and crew should which switch it is and radio communications protocol.