2010 Riverside City Council Regatta

Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ 2010

We should start with the winners and then take a look at some of the more exciting moments as well as some good smiles. We would like to thank the Riverside City Council for their participation in the Riverside City Council Regatta. It is always a fun event. In the photo below we can see the member that participated (left to right). Andy Melendrez, the winner with a time of 27 minutes and 22 seconds. Next to him are Chris Mac Arthur, Mike Gardner, Steve Adams and Rusty Bailey.

One of the most exciting moments was as Andy Melendrez as on the last leg of the Regatta closing in on victory with the finish buoy just in front of his craft. Suddenly he was challenged with a gust of wind that nearly sent him over. In the photo you can see the rise in the surface of the water around his boat as the wind pushed on his boat. His starboard side dipped below the surge of water and he took on a small amount of water. Be sure to click on the picture for a larger view.

Sailing has a lot of terms. When sailing straight downwind, it is known and a Run. When sailing to the left or right of straight downwind, it is known as a Broad Reach. Competition is very high in the Riverside City Council Regatta. It can be seen in the photo below as Mike Gardner uses the – Reaching for a Run – technique to stay out in front of Rusty Bailey. And as above, you can click on the picture for a larger view.

As the wind blows, Rusty Bailey seemed to slowly move past Mike Gardner. From shore it looked like the two boats were fairly close. However, from the photo taken from the rescue boat, they are very close. We are wondering if the two were having a friendly conversation
on sailing techniques. Could one of them be trying to steal the others wind?

On the other end of the course we see Chris Mac Arthur skillfully work his way to the first buoy. Trailing behind him is Steve Adams. The crowd on shore is cheering their favorite Councilmember.

As the first four boats made their way across the finish line, Steve Adams, looking cool, artfully made his way to the finish line.

The results are

1. Andy Melendrez – 27:22

2. Chris Mac Arthur – 28:46

3. Rusty Bailey – 28.51

4. Mike Gardner – 29:34

5. Steve Adams – 36:34

We would also like to thank the United States Naval Sea Cadets and the other youth volunteers for their help.