Adult Programs

Adult Sessions

The emphasis in our program is to offer a positive atmosphere for learning both sailing and life skills. Instructors help students safely expand their confidence through small accomplishments and self discovery.

Adults can learn the art of sailing! The program is designed to teach sailing basics and beyond. Each students will have their own Sabot. They are 8 foot long sailboats that are lightweight, relatively safe and stable. These craft are so easy to operate that they are used in many sailing programs. This program builds self-esteem and personal confidence in a fun-filled stimulating environment.

There also are Intermediate/Racing classes for the adults. Once a student completes the Novice class they can enroll in the Intermediate/Racing class.

Class times for the sessions are as follows:
– Adult sessions will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Costs for the three day class will be $50.00 per participant.

A swim check is required for all participants.

Please email us by going to the contact Contact Form to arrange for times and dates.

2017 Adult Sessions – By Appointment

Session Number Class Start Date Completion Date Registration Status
By Appointment . .

A swim test will be set up before the class starts. It will need to be passed to participate.